Connecting You to Halal Certified Training Provider

Knowledge is power, so the training experience is our core services. Connecting you with Halal Certified Training Provider that been certified by world standard, Local Authority and Agencies of the countries that already in our line.  They will train you as at the end of it you would be able to conduct any Halal Training Programme anywhere in the world. Or you will be the officer in-charge or an executive for your company!

Complete A to Z Halal Consultancy and Support

We have selected the consultant for you to choose move on to setup your halal business, anywhere in the world. Get the consultants that having better understanding in terms of the technical components of Halal products and clearer understanding of the Halal certification and auditing procedures. We assured you that after meetings with the consultants, they will understand your requirements and constraints, thus will analyze your existing process and plans, and then modify the services to provide complete satisfaction with results you will get.


Create Global Halal Trade Network

Equipped yourself with the knowledge and fundamentals of Halal by attending related Halal Events, exhibitions, conference, B2B meet ups, accelerates programmes, etc. No. We are not giving you the search engine reports regarding the Halal Certifications Bodies around the world but more than that the entire individual or groups who can boost your marketing aspect of services or products.

Big or small, we have the perfect solution for you.

AllAboutHalal e-Learning allows the online delivery of training with real time tracking of training results, optimizing time and reducing costs associated with traditional learning methods. Our online training platform is designed to handle the needs of small organizations to large enterprises.

Efficient and Economical.

AllAboutHalal eLearning System is an affordable pricing options enable you to quickly implement solid training solutions without breaking the bank.

Reliability at Its Best. Always On, Always Up.

AllAboutHalal eLearning System is save. The secure, cloud-based hosted system means that students can access courses anywhere, anytime from any device.

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